MUSES9-MS is our budget version standing clearly ahead the competition in the application-specific multispectral imaging market. This is supported by the following  unique features of the camera:

  1. MUSES9-MS is an “all in one” customizable multi-spectral imager, which replaces and overall advances several traditional imaging systems and modalities, such as:
    1. Near infrared (NIR) camera
    2. Ultraviolet (UV) camera
    3. Color camera
    4. Fluorescent camera
    5. Multispectral camera

    It also replaces the associated with their operation lighting arrangements for sample illumination and software for image handling and processing.
    In applications where multispectral and multimodal digital imaging is required, MUSES9-MS comprises a stand-alone, solution integrating and advancing several imaging systems and modalities into one versatile and portable package. Implementation of MUSES9-MS into the professional practice will remarkably reduce costs and improve workflow.

  2. Innovative image filtering allows for the real-time display and side-by-side review of several, megapixel-size spectral images. Real time display of spectral images is essential in field examinations and in image-guided sample treatment/conservation
  3. All imaging modes are calibrated for achieving ambient light- and device-independent imaging for accurate documentation
  4. Low volume and weight setup, connectable with tablet or mobile platforms for indoor and outdoor autonomous operation.

Basic Specifications:

  • 4-6 Megapixels C-MOS @ 25 f/s in the 370-1100nm spectral range
  • 6 customizable narrow spectral bands @ 370-1000nm(UV-VIS-NIR)
  • 5 imaging modes and combinations
  • Spectral and color imaging
  • USB 3 interface
  • Integrated software for camera control image handling, archiving and processing
  • accepts all kinds of lenses and microscopes
  • low power-battery operation is supported

Non destructive testing, art conservation, forensics, food inspection 




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