MuSES-9 Cameras in Action: Art Conservation

Tomorrow's Technology Reveals the Past and Contributes in the Preservation of our Cultural Heritage

MuSES-9 Cameras integrate almost all the imaging and optical diagnostic techniques used for the analysis and documentation of art and historic objects in a single hi-end imaging system. In particular MuSES-9 can be operated as:

Spectral Camera & Imaging Spectrometer (HS-Model) for

  • painting material identification
  • assisting artwork authentication
  • reading of erased or overwritten manuscripts

Ultraviolet Reflectance Camera for imaging

  • surface features, roughness, brush strokes etc
  • varnishes and other coatings
  • on-line control of coating removal
  • material identification

Ultraviolet Fluorescence Camera for

  • imaging of binding media, coatings etc
  • detecting retouching, conservation interventions
  • assessing the natural condition of the artwork

High-Definition Color Camera and Imaging Colorimeter for

  • accurate documentation and color reproduction
  • per-pixel color measurement and comparison
  • histogram-based color segmentation and mapping
  • objective evaluation of restoration processes

Multi-band Infrared Camera for

  • imaging underdrawings, cracks, pentimenti etc
  • material identification
  • assisting conservation decision-making




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