LUMNIA-N is the world’s first manually operated microscope integrating a navigation system. This innovative add-on kit allows for the real time visualization of the location of the inspected magnified image, over a digital-overview image of the sample. The inspected field-of-view appears as a frame onto the overview image, the size of which varies automatically with the magnification. This way, the images of the inspected areas are tagged with their XY coordinates when stored.  Moreover, the stored/analyzed image frames are marked onto the overview image for guiding retrieval and for minimizing the risk for missing important areas.

Digital, 6 - 20 Megapixel Camera
combined with superb optics offers unparalleled imaging quality.
Zoom Optics:
Continuously tunning magnification up to X60 with just one objective
Long Working Distance Objective (3.4cm):
Emersion oil free, upright and inverted operation
Powerful Computer Unit:
Controlling and Documenting Imaging Procedures
Breadboard basis:
with multiple threaded holes for mounting sample manipulators and experimental tools
For image display and for system operation through a graphical user interface
Position sensor
records and displays stage movements with submicron accuracy
Computer Controllable LED Illumination:
For both transmission and epi-illumination




The TRACES Consortium has successfully completed the design solution phase (Phase 1) of SHUTTLE-PCP by offering the unique approach of the SHUTTLE toolkit. The design consists …  more