Features and Advantages

All features of LUMNIA-S plus the NAVI (navigation and tracking) ADD-ON module.
  1. Lumnia’s NAVI module is an ADD-ON to all of the LUMNIA Series possible configurations (namely LUMNIA-SLUMNIA-FLLUMNIA HS). LUMNIA’s NAVI system is unique worldwide and has been developed to address the global demand for improving workflow, standardization and documentation in scientific microscopy.
  2. With Lumnia-NAVI you can create a slide map over you sample area at any given magnification. The field of view changes automatically as you change the XY position of the stage, so you can now exactly were you are! Shrink and expand the overlaid frame, move around on your image freely and mark the regions that interest you.
  3. Use LUMNIA-NAVI to mark regions of interest onto the slide map. This way you or your collegues will have accesses to previously examinded areas on the image. Examined fields are stored together with their image location given you the ability for subsequent detailed examination or re-examination to double-check your findings.
Digital, 6 - 20 Megapixel Camera
combined with superb optics offers unparalleled imaging quality.
Zoom Optics:
Continuously tunning magnification up to X60 with just one objective
Long Working Distance Objective (3.4cm):
Emersion oil free, upright and inverted operation
Powerful Computer Unit:
Controlling and Documenting Imaging Procedures
Breadboard basis:
with multiple threaded holes for mounting sample manipulators and experimental tools
For image display and for system operation through a graphical user interface
Position sensor
records and displays stage movements with submicron accuracy
Computer Controllable LED Illumination:
For both transmission and epi-illumination




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