LUMNIA-HS is a hyperspectral microscope enabling spectroscopy to be performed at the sub-micron regime. Our MUSES9-HS hyperspectral camera is coupled with either the –S or the –FL model, offering transmission, reflection and fluorescence spectroscopy, real-time spectral imaging and spectral mapping. This high-end instrument acquires 150 narrow-band images, across the visible and the invisible part of the spectrum, and more than 4 million spectra within a few seconds. LUMNIA-HS merges together microscopy with spectroscopy in a high-end and powerful research tool, offering great analytical power.

Digital, 6 - 20 Megapixel Camera
combined with superb optics offers unparalleled imaging quality.
Hyperspectral Imaging Monochromator:
able to capture 150 narrow spectral bands in seconds offering up to 20 million spectra
Zoom Optics:
Continuously tunning magnification up to X60 with just one objective
Long Working Distance Objective (3.4cm):
Emersion oil free, upright and inverted operation
Computer Controllable LED Illumination:
For both transmission and epi-illumination
Breadboard basis:
with multiple threaded holes for mounting sample manipulators and experimental tools
For image display and for system operation through a graphical user interface
Powerful Computer Unit:
Controlling and Documenting Imaging Procedures