Features and Advantages

All features of LUMNIA-S plus the Hyperspectral Imaging monochromator (HIM) ADD-ON module for white-light hyperspectral microspectroscopy.

  1. The LUMNIA-HS is an upgraded version of LUMNIA-S and/or of LUMNIA-FL to enable HyperSpectral Microscopy in transmission and/or in fluorescence mode respectively. The Key Module is the innovative, staring-type, hyperspectral imaging monochromator (HIM) that it is attached onto the system’ imaging path.The innovative, staring-type, hyperspectral imaging monochromator (HIM) that it is attached onto the system’ imaging path offers a wide spectral range of the examined sample.
  2. Lumnia-HS can automatically capture 150 narrow spectral bands within a few seconds, without moving the sample under examination.Display the image feed and control every part of the microscope using the integrated touch-screen.
  3. LUMNIA-HS offers image capturing in a wide spectral range spanning from the UV to the NIR of the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that you can have up to 20 million spectral information in only one image capture.LUMNIA-HS‘ s modular design allows for easy upgradability to LUMNIA-NAVI.
  4. Lumnia-HS microscope comes along with Muses9-HS Software. Acquire your hyperspectral images quickly and automatically or calibrate your device to achieve image spectroscopy and spectrometry independency with Muses9-HS.With Muses9-HS you have the ability to display any spectrum of your acquired image by only clicking on a pixel. It’ s that simple!
Digital, 6 - 20 Megapixel Camera
combined with superb optics offers unparalleled imaging quality.
Hyperspectral Imaging Monochromator:
able to capture 150 narrow spectral bands in seconds offering up to 20 million spectra
Zoom Optics:
Continuously tunning magnification up to X60 with just one objective
Long Working Distance Objective (3.4cm):
Emersion oil free, upright and inverted operation
Computer Controllable LED Illumination:
For both transmission and epi-illumination
Breadboard basis:
with multiple threaded holes for mounting sample manipulators and experimental tools
For image display and for system operation through a graphical user interface
Powerful Computer Unit:
Controlling and Documenting Imaging Procedures




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