LUMNIA-FL is our fluorescence microscope having as critical part the the polyline light source-a diode laser array. The polyline is integrated as an attachment onto the basic microscope platform, providing narrow band and efficient fluorescence excitation. Laser line excitation leaves sufficient spectral space for the imaging module to uncouple the emissions from multiple different fluorophores with overlapping spectra.  The whole system is built upon an innovative design allowing for the real-time inspection of multiple fluorophores simultaneously and for the quantitative fluorescence intensity mapping.

Digital, 6 - 20 Megapixel Camera
combined with superb optics offers unparalleled imaging quality.
Zoom Optics:
Continuously tunning magnification up to X60 with just one objective
Long Working Distance Objective (3.4cm):
Emersion oil free, upright and inverted operation
Computer Controllable LED Illumination:
For both transmission and epi-illumination
Powerful Computer Unit:
Controlling and Documenting Imaging Procedures
For image display and for system operation through a graphical user interface
PolyLine Laser Ring
For real - time, multicolor excitation.
Breadboard basis:
with multiple threaded holes for mounting sample manipulators and experimental tools