What we do

Spectricon develops innovative scientific instruments with emphasis in Imaging Science and Technology. The Company’s product portfolio includes advanced microscopes (the LUMNIA product family) and spectral imagers (the MUSES9 product family).

The LUMNIA microscopes are based on a novel design offering improved flexibility and scalability. Their modular architecture offers several options for building up custom configurations, fitting exactly to your needs. Our product portfolio in microscopy include bright-field, fluorescence, hyperspectral, robotic and cell shorting microscopes

The MUSES9 cameras include both multispectral and staring-type hyperspectral models operating in the wide spectral range 370-1700nm. MUSES9 cameras address successfully numerus and diverse applications including remote sensing, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), quality control, forensics, biomedicine and microscopy.

Who we are

Spectricon is based in the Science and Technology Park of Crete, Greece. People at Spectricon have a successful track record in conceiving and patenting innovative designs and proven capacity to convert concepts and ideas into high-end products. The team has succeeded to deliver advanced scientific instruments and designs to leading academic and industrial institutions, including Harvard-Wellman labs of Photomedicine, Johnson&Johnson, Getty Conservation Institute, Neutrogena, IRIDEX, British Library, Trinity College, Universidad de Zaragosa, University of Hamburg, Singapore’s National Heritage Board etc.




The TRACES Consortium has successfully completed the design solution phase (Phase 1) of SHUTTLE-PCP by offering the unique approach of the SHUTTLE toolkit. The design consists …  more